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tiny dick phone sex

Tiny Dick Owner Gets Humiliated by Sabrina

I have nothing against a man with a tiny dick.   In fact, I think there is nothing cuter than a tiny dick. My friend Janie introduced me to Ned at a…

Bisexual Cuckold

Bisexual Cuckold – My Boyfriend is A Fag

I love a tiny dick bisexual cuckold. Haha! He makes me laugh! His dick is so small so he begs for a cuckold so I can have a dick that pleases me.…

tiny dick humiliaton

Tiny Dick Dog Sitter*

Tiny Dick Dog Sitter Last weekend I went out of town with some girlfriends to the beach. I had to ask my neighbor if he’d watch my German Shepherd, Harley as well…

tiny dick

My Rapists Tiny Dick Made Me Laugh Uncontrollably

My Rapists Tiny Dick Made Me Laugh Kevin was a nice guy. He always had a kind word to say to me. He always helped me with my groceries and made sure…

rose paddle for my blind date with baby dick

Blind Date With Baby Dick

Baby dick = blind date bust. We were meeting up because I heard through friends that he had a baby dick he was ashamed of, and he heard I was the right person…


I Hit You, So You Can Hit Me

I Hit You, So You Can Hit Me I tend to hit cars, hit fences, hit walls, hit poles, pretty much anything actually. I don’t pay as much attention as I should…

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