Tag: Tease and Denial – Orgasm Control

rock hard nipples

Rock Hard Nipples Have My Pussy Drenched So Wet

Rock hard nipples grow solid as he kisses down my neck. Rock hard nipples are unavoidable when he starts tracing his hands eagerly up and down my tight little body. Proof of…

inmate snuffed out

Inmate Snuffed Out – A Twisted Tease & Denial

Inmate Snuffed Out:  You heard the rhythmic click-clack of my high heels coming down the hall. How did the inmate snuffed out unfold? Well- a steady beat was a stark reminder of…

Female Orgasm Denial

Female Orgasm Denial – Left Me Craving His Touch

Control is a part of my life. Living in control is like a high for me. When I am controlling men I am getting a huge rush from the experience. Men should…

Anal Sex

Anal Sex: Daddy Shows His Little Slut A Good Time

Daddy told me that tonight was the night he was going to fuck my ass. I’ve been nervous about trying anal sex but Daddy really wants it and Daddy gets what he…

Thats My Fetish Tease And Denial The Power Of The Pussy

Tease And Denial: The Power Of The Pussy

Tease And Denial: The Power Of The Pussy A woman’s pussy holds so much power and control over men. One thing that I love to do is to control men and it…

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