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submissive slut

Submissive Slut Learns to Beg for Attention and Ass-Play

I’ve turned him into my little submissive slut. A submissive slut made out...

sadistic punishment

Sadistic Punishment For My Submissive Sex Slave

A little sadistic punishment. Sadistic punishment time. I love pushing people...

Teen Girlfriend Punished

Teen Girlfriend Punished with a Hard Bathroom Fuck

If you’ve read any of my other entries, then you know I was a cheerleader ...

Alternative Cuckold Lifestyle

Alternative Cuckold Lifestyle Taboo XXX Turn of Events

Alternative Cuckold Lifestyle is not for everyone.  Exploring cuckold and BBC s...

Anal Edging

Anal Edging and Controlling His Ass Toys and Vibrators

A little anal edging play. Anal edging drives my sub absolutely insane. He loves...

Busty Teen Handjob

Busty Teen Handjob: Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Yourself

A busty teen handjob is a perfect gift for yourself this Valentine’s Day. ...

Gisele is a submissive slut

Submissive Slut; I Got To Show Him Just How Submissive I Could Be

I Never Thought I Could Be A  Submissive Slut I really like my boss, and I thin...

personal cash slave

Personal Cash Slave: Training My Own Live-In Pet and Provider.

I had a bit of difficulty finding my a personal cash slave obedient and dedicate...

My Big Tits

Big Tits – Mine Need to be Worshiped Now! Part 3

My big tits – worship them now! Big tits – it is even better than I thou...

Making you my pay pig now

Making You My Pay Pig – A Tale of Financial Domination (Part 2)

Making you my pay pig – for real Making you my pay pig –  I could feel ...

Gentle Femdom and Sissy Submissive Men – I want more of this! (Part 2)

I had no idea how much I would love to dominate sissy submissive men As some of ...

pregnant mistress

Pregnant Mistress : How Far Will She Go For His Seed?*

Every slave needs a sexy pregnant mistress. Eric hadn’t been allowed to cum in...

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