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fucking strippers

I learned that I have a taste for fucking strippers!

I ended up fucking strippers at my older brother’s bachelor party! The first strip club that I ever went to, and I end up fucking strippers in the changing room. It was…

stripper wife

Cuckold Husband Gets a Mouthful

Cuckold Husband Cleans Me Up After Work After a long hard night stripping, I needed a smoke. When I walked through my front door, there he was; my dutiful cuckold husband waiting…

cheating sex stories with Gisele

Cheating Sex Stories ; My Little Secret

Sometimes Cheating Sex Stories Unfold Differently Than We’d Imagine They Would. Sometimes cheating sex stories unfold differently than we’d imagine they would. Recently I needed to make some money rather quickly and…

xxx sex

XXX Sex in a Strip Club With a Hot, Naughty Stripper*

XXX Sex With a Stripper XXX sex means hardcore and oh so delicious! This is one of my free sex stories you can’t afford to skip because it’s about some pretty hot…

Dana stripper

Stripper With A Deep Dark Secret

I Was Trying Out To Be A Stripper A friend of mine that’s a stripper always has lots of cash. I was complaining to her about never having any money and she…



STRIPPER WHORE BEHIND HIS BACK! I’m a stripper whore behind his back, but it doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?  The fact that I do it behind his back doesn’t…

Amateur Stripper

Amateur Stripper For A Night! What An Adventure..

I play along as an amateur stripper for a night! Playing an amateur stripper for a night was the most fun I’ve had in a while! It was a new experience, for…

Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation Phone Sex Bachelorette Party Surprise!

Humiliation Phone Sex Bachelorette Party Surprise! My friend was getting married, too bad right? She thought she had found it all; great guy, perfect house, lot’s of money, good for her. That…

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