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Refereeing women’s wrestling = my dream job

I knew he had a wrestling fetish — but he didn’t know I had one, too. There’s nothing about sexy play-fighting, especially a wrestling fetish that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a fun,…


Sporty Slut Takes Coach To The Goal!*

I’ve always been a sporty girl. Cheerleading, Softball, Twirling, Girl’s Basketball and Soccer. I was a sporty girl. Plus I was put into dance at a very early age. Shocking, right? I…

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AGONOPHILIA Fetish: Why Don’t You Hit Me With Your Best Shot?

Agonophilia: sexual arousal from participating in or watching a combat sport An agonophilia fetish can manifest itself in many ways and definitely isn’t limited to the proverbial “ring.” Erotic fixation(s) on the gear, equipment,…

Baseball Sex Bets

Baseball Sex Bets With My New Hookup

Baseball season has started and so are hot sex bets. Sex bets with my new hook up Mario get me so wet. We are very much alike, we love the same sports,…

Teen Phone Sex

The Soccer Coach Is Addicted To Teen Pussy

Soccer is huge in Mexico, we call it football. Since my dad was blessed with a girl, and not a boy, I’ve always played it. I’ve had many different coaches but there…


ASS SEEN ON T.V. – THE JOEY SPORTS TABLE! Ass Seen On T.V. has invented the Joey Table! Never before has an invention cum at just the right time!  This innovation of…

Eat Me Out at the Ballgame (or “Why Sports=Fucking”)

Sports are a universal pastime that all can enjoy.  So is sex.  Ever notice how the sports world is one huge sexual metaphor?  You name a sport, any sport, and the word…

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