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cucked sissy slave husband

Cucked Sissy Slave: A Day in the Life of a Well-Trained Cuckold Husband

A Day in the Life of My Cucked Sissy Slave Husband You wait in agonizing anticip...

Sissy Blackmail

Sissy Blackmail Is So Much Fucking Fun!

As I stand in front of you, I can not help but shake my head in pity. That is al...

Stripped In Public

Stripped In Public: You NEED To Be Exposed And Humiliated, Sissy!

Stripped in public is something you dread, but you can’t stop craving it,¬...

Kinky Sissy Boy

My Kinky Sissy Boy Fucks A Cucumber For Me – Part 2*

My Kinky Sissy Boy got out of the grocery store as fast as he could. He’s ...

Cuckold Humiliation - Angel 888-258-8591

Admit It, Bitch. Sissy Cuckold Humiliation Is What You NEED!

CUCKOLD HUMILIATION is what you CRAVE, isn’t it, sissy slut? Cuckold humil...

bdsm sex story creating a sissy slut

BDSM Sex Story: The Making of a Sissy Maid Slut (Part I)

How my BDSM Sex Story Came to Be I looked at the spectacle in front of me. My si...

College Girl Angel - 888-258-8591

College Girl Story: Obey Me Or Get Exposed, Doctor Sissy!

College girl forces her orthodontist to be the best sissy he can be … or E...

Kinky Sex Stories - Angel: 888-258-8591

Kinky Sex Stories РHey Guys, Why Jerk Off? Cum In A Sissy’s Mouth!

Kinky sex stories: Where eager sissies can’t wait to Get. You. Off. Kinky ...

Kinky Sex Stories
Kinky Sex Stories

Kinky Sex Stories: Ready Or Not, It’s Time To Pop Your Cherry, Sissy! Pt 2

Kinky Sex Stories – Ready for more? Let’s do it! So, where were we? ...

Kinky Sex Stories

Kinky Sex Stories: Ready Or Not, It’s Time To Pop Your Cherry, Sissy! Pt 1

Kinky Sex Stories – I caught one of my sissies stealing dirty panties out ...

pregnant sex stories

Wish you could get PREGNANT, sissy boy?

Pregnant sex stories, sissy style. Pregnant sex stories include extreme sissific...

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