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Panties Keep Disappearing and I’m Pissed

For months my panties kept going missing. I couldn’t figure out where the hell they were going! I never leave stuff at my friend’s houses when I spend the night and I…

Silk Fetish Phone Sex Gets Slippery and Wet!

Fetish phone sex is so hot, and I just love me a silk fetish! Silk is very sexy. The way that it feels when the cooled fabric glides along your skin is…


You have a pantie fetish you can’t control – everything about panties turn you on. Is exploring pantie phone sex a fetish or lifestyle? You know you can’t help yourself either way.   A sexy…


Naughty Red Panties*

Naughty Red Panties Isn’t it funny how no matter what you are wearing, a pair of naughty red panties just makes you feel sexier?  I could have been at the gym all…


Do You Like To Wear Panties?

How I love my boys. You all keep me so horny and wet, asking me to tell you about my sexploits, but I really love hearing your inner fantasies and desires. Some…


Mommy raped her boy*

Mommy raped her boy Mommy got tired of finding my panties under his pillow when I would clean his room.  Pair after pair, soiled with his young cum.  He didn’t even have…

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