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The Sexy Little Latina Cheerleader

After moving and changing middle schools, I received a lot of attention for being a Latina girl. I would walk down the halls and boys would comment about my Latina ass or…


I Made The Head Cheerleader Lesbian

I Made The Head Cheerleader Lesbian I love to play with girls. I love it even more when I can steal them from their boyfriends. I want to tell you about when…

Coach & My Dirty Panties

I was a cheerleader in high school until I graduated. I will never forget what the coach of the football team did one year. I was running really late for practice, I…

Fuck the Stuck Up High School Cheerleader Bitch

You remember that stuck up High School Cheerleader who always looked hot and never gave you the time of day. She had the perfect body and perfect face, never a hair out…

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