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Sleeping Beauty! Kinky, Anything Goes Phone Sex!*

Sleeping While You Watch! Where Will You Cum??? Sleeping, or sleep, encounters make my panties dripping wet. That feeling of helplessness that I’m not even aware of until I wake up. If…

sex dream = best dream phone sex

An Afternoon Nap Sex Dream

Sex dream = best dream. When’s the last time you had a sex dream? Are you the kind of person who remembers your dreams? I sometimes do, I sometimes don’t, but this…

Daddy loved tasting my pussy while I slept.

Daddy’s Little Drug Whore

Daddy’s Little Drug Whore I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I started sleeping a lot when I was in middle school. No matter how much I slept it always felt…

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phone Sex: Daddy’s Little Tease 🎂

Incest phone sex, Daddy’s little Tease I do not know if I will ever find someone who can please my pussy the way that Daddy can. I am a total incest phone…

Somnophilia: His Sleeping Beauty

Somnophilia is a sexual paraphilia in which sexual arousal is derived from intruding on, caressing, and/or fondling someone while they are asleep without force or violence. The first time I went out…

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