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sex doll

Sex Doll: I Watched As He Fucked His New Girlfriend

Sex Doll: A sex doll doesn’t gag or make you slow down. Sex Doll: Have you heard about those new sex dolls? There are really lifelike and have become very popular among horny…

Sex Doll

Making My Date Fuck His Blowup Sex Doll.*

A Sex Doll is a life-size toy which resembles a man or a woman. I made my date fuck his blowup Sex Doll. You need to keep me busy in the bedroom…

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“I was cuckolded by my RealDoll”

When even that expensive sex doll you bought cuckolds your pathetic ass. I thought I’d heard it all, cuckold-wise, until yesterday when a new caller confessed he was being “cuckolded by his…

sex doll

Sex Doll?!?! That Was NOT What I Was Expecting*

Who would have thought a sex doll would have been just the thing to make a boring weeknight a little more interesting. I had my first real encounter with a sex doll…

sex dolls


Sex dolls that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to replicate.  Just think – the perfect woman.  They never say no and they are always ready to play.  Any position…

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