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sex doll bimbo

Sex Doll Surgery Mistakenly Given To A Clueless Husband

Sex Doll Surgery goes horribly wrong from one unsuspecting gentleman Sex Doll surgery isn’t uncommon.  In fact, Bimbofication is one of the most popular cosmetic options doctor Stines and I perform.  But…

Sex Doll — This is what happens to bad brothers

Sex Doll — prepare to be one Sex Doll makeover, baby.  You’ve earned it.  You thought your little pranks during our childhood were funny.  And you thought I’d never ever get back…

lesbian sex

Lesbian Sex: Submissive Sluts Getting Fucked!

Lesbian Sex: Submissive Sluts Gets Fucked! One thing that really turns me on is watching lesbian sex. Lesbian sex is so fucking hot when a girl grind her wet pussy on another…

Sex Doll Phone Sex

I Caught My Son Fucking A Sex Doll And Had To Help

I couldn’t believe it when I caught my son fucking a sex doll. Catching my son fucking a sex doll took me completely off guard. It was well past his bed time…

embarrassing sex stories

Embarrassing sex stories: Catching my brother fuck his sex doll

Exposing my brother’s embarrassing sex stories Let’s talk embarrassing sex stories. Catching my brother fuck his sex doll with his little dick humiliated him. The really bad part was seeing his little…

sex doll

Sex Doll?!?! That Was NOT What I Was Expecting*

Who would have thought a sex doll would have been just the thing to make a boring weeknight a little more interesting. I had my first real encounter with a sex doll…

Sex Doll

Sex Doll: Every Man Wants to Own and Fuck One!*

Here’s a real story about the time I was made into a sex doll! Decided to venture out sexually and agreed to be a sex doll. I had no idea what was…

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