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stinky feet fetish

Stinky Feet Fetish: My Personal Trainer’s Confession

Do You Have a Stinky Feet Fetish? I just started training with a personal trainer and I chose him because he was the youngest and the hottest, of course. At first, I…

sweaty gym sex

Sweaty Gym Sex With my Hot Kickboxing Instructor

Sweaty Gym Sex With my Sexy Kickboxing Instructor Sweaty gym sex – sounds pretty hot, right? It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time! So needless to say, I was…

Teacher Strokes Cock

Sexy Yoga Teacher Stroke Cock to Relax Her Students

A Teacher Strokes Cock! Doesn’t every sexy teacher strokes cock to relax new students?  Well, we certainly think that is a forward thinking method to welcome new students, increase class size, and…

Dana has dirty cheating sex stories

Cheating Sex Stories ; The Hot Guy At The Gym

I’ve Got Some Cheating Sex Stories In My Past I’ve got some cheating sex stories in my past, but I thought those days were behind me. But recently I started seeing this…

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