Tag: self-pleasure

Hot Bubble Bath

A Smoking Hot Bubble Bath to Melt the Day Away!

Who does not love a hot bubble bath? Self-pleasure is one of my favorite fetishes. The day had been long and arduous. Clicking off from my work, I sighed and rubbed at…

Bathtub Masturbating

Masturbating And Self Pleasure In The Bath*

Masturbating. It doesn’t just feel good, it’s necessary! It feels good, it’s safe and it relieves tension. Sometimes the naughtiest things start out so innocent and end up with me Masturbating. All…

Two Dicks

The Man With Two Dicks

The Man With Two Dicks Want to know why Santa brought me two dicks! Where to start, I guess like any good XXXmas Story…the beginning. I guess you can say I had been…


Enjoying a little self-pleasure on a lazy Sunday

  I really do love pampering myself. I don’t have a date tonight, but I still spent ALL day primping and making myself extra gorgeous! Everyone, no matter WHO they are, deserves…

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