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Surprise anal sex

Surprise Anal Sex: He slipped into the wrong hole!

Surprise Anal Sex With A Big Dick It wasn’t suppose to go the way it did. But you know how it gets when your super wet from all that rough sex, your…

Gisele has a choking fetish

Choking Fetish; Gasping For Air

I Wanted Him To Try Choking Fetish With Me The latest guy I’ve been dating is a bit more vanilla than I am. When I asked if he’d ever heard of or…

Choking during sex

Choking during sex: Breath play and a mindblowing orgasm

Choking during sex is breathtakingly hot It’s another one of those weird fetishes and perhaps even taboo but there is something so hot about choking during sex. I fucking love choking. I…

rough sex

An evening of Rough Sex with My Best Friend pt.1*

Rough Sex My best friend in the whole world is a guy named Danny. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy rough sex with my best friend. Furthermore, I didn’t realize…

Big Cock XXX

Big Cock XXX Never Have I Ever Been More Satisfied*

I see you walk in, it’s my Friday night bar. It’s smokey and playing 90’s music. I’m immediately attracted to you. Watching you from across the room. I see you notice. You…

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