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Revenge Sex

Revenge Sex: CEO Trying To Make A Point Gets Rude Awakening

Revenge sex for a Black Lives Matter Denialist Revenge sex is a dish best served…black.  Black lives matter?  All lives matter, some would say.  Systemic racism and injustice?  Not real.  In fact,…

Cuckold's Forced Sexual Revenge

A Cuckold’s Forced Sexual Revenge on a Cheating Wife!

A Cuckold’s Forced Sexual Revenge on a Cheating Wife! A cuckold’s forced sexual revenge can be a muther fucker if you’re not prepared for the fallout.  Generally, I don’t need to be…

Cheating Sex Stories


CHEATING SEX STORIES. I GIVE AS GOOD AS I GET! My cheating sex stories almost ALWAYS have a root, driven by anger at a lover.  For instance, with Sam.  He really led me…

Revenge Sex

My Boyfriend Had Revenge Sex With My Lover

Revenge sex with my lover was devastating! I bet you think it can only go one way right? Well it didn’t for me. Revenge sex was on my boyfriend Jim’s mind after…

Revenge sex

My BF was a cheater so I got even with Revenge sex!

Revenge sex feels so good when you were wronged by your BF Revenge sex was on my mind! Sometimes I can be a  real vindictive bitch.  revenge always makes me feel better.…

Revenge SEX

Revenge SEX I came to tell you a tale of revenge. Revenge is SWEET, best served HARD, and I happen to like mine HOT, instead of cold. You See my friend Travis,…

Fuck the Stuck Up High School Cheerleader Bitch

You remember that stuck up High School Cheerleader who always looked hot and never gave you the time of day. She had the perfect body and perfect face, never a hair out…

Revenge Phone Fucking

Revenge Phone Fucking*

Revenge Phone Fucking Revenge Phone Fucking. You know me, I can be a nice person unless you don’t want me to be. Whether I am dominating you or being your personal fuck…

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