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religious role play

RELIGIOUS ROLE PLAY Femdom Fun With No Limits And No Taboos

What kind of religious role play fantasy do you keep secret? There are a few religious role play types of calls that are near and dear to my “recovering” Catholic, fringe spiritualist…



SEX-ORCIST, RELIEVER OF PAIN! I know the word SEX-orcist brings to mind all things evil, right? ¬†Well, not this time, Baby! I’m about to tell you a tale that will wrinkle your…

Jen’s Sin Is The Weakness of Men

A lot of sinful shit goes down behind the doors of the church. I’ve had my fair share of being a naughty slut with many men of the cloth. There is one…

ALL of This and NUN of That!

ALL Of This And NUN Of That! I was barely twenty when first I entered these Hallowed Halls. Partly out of reverence, partly to escape my old life. Growing up in a…

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