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Teen Girls Masturbating To Galleries Of Dick Photos

Nothing’s as creative as teen girls masturbating. Teen girls masturbating is something I have a lot of naughty stories about, obviously. See, I’ve always been a little slut. The world’s always been…

sketchy sex phone sex confessions true sex stories diary of a pso

I fucked a sloppy drunk stranger from Craigslist

Hooking up with somebody who shows up to your internet date already wasted = sketchy sex. I used to have a LOT of sketchy sex back when I lived on the West…

virginity phone sex stories confessions true real life

I Lost My Virginity Ten Years Ago

Virginity? I lost mine one drunken night the summer I was 16. Do you remember when you lost your virginity? They say you never “forget the first time.” I was a little drunk when…

Stormy Night & Sex Outside

I live in the southeast part of the U.S, and lately.. it’s been pure rain, rain, rain! Part of the reason I love the South is getting completely drenched in thunderstorms and…

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