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Paraphilia Abnormal Sexual Behaviors

Paraphilia Abnormal Sexual Behaviors and Impulses Controlled*

Paraphilia Abnormal Sexual Behaviors and Impulses Controlled Paraphilia Abnormal Sexual Behaviors are more common than you’d think, to one degree or another. Paraphilias exhibit abnormal sexual behaviors or impulses characterized by intense sexual…

three way masturbation

Three way masturbation on a public bus with two strangers*

Three way masturbation on a public bus! Three way masturbation isn’t something I thought I’d ever do. Especially with two complete strangers. Looking back, it’s easy to see that prom night changed something…

theater hand job

Theater Hand Job: Dim the Lights and Stroke Away!

Naughtiness in the darkness of a movie theater… KD tells us all about that! The lights dimmed, and the theater started to get quiet as the opening credits of the movie started…

public masturbation

Public masturbation – Jerking off in forbidden places –

The Best Public Masturbation How far will you to satisfy your public masturbation fetish? Since it’s the thrill of getting caught that pleasures you most then I can’t wait to get you noticed.…

College Slut In Spring Break

College Slut Loves To Have Fun In The Sun

Spring break 2016 is practically around the corner and this college slut is ready to have some fun in the sun. These past few weeks I have been toning up, and getting…


Public Fun with a App Controlled Toy! 😝

Public Fun with a App Controlled Toy! I’d been on a few dates with Sean before. He was a super fun guy to be around! Little did he know I was about…

jerk off

Jen’s Blind Date Was A Jerk Off 🎂

Jen’s Blind Date Was A Jerk Off I was really excited about this blind date that my roommate had set me up on. She said that he was a friend of a…

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