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An Escort For New Years Eve

I Had A Chance To Make A Lot Of Money As An Escort This acquaintance of mine, I like her but didn’t really know her that well. She asked me if I’d…

Truck Stop Threesome Phone Sex

Lot Lizard Threesome!

One of my friends is a full-time escort. And though she usually takes on high end clients and keeps everything all wrapped up and discreet, she’s a sucker for stopping by truck…

Listen While I Get Fucked!

When I’m getting fucked, I love to have someone listening to me as I moan and scream. There are lots of times when I’m feeling horny (all of the time actually lol)…

Becoming An Escort ;)

I’m a very sexual person. My exes & friends have always said that I would flirt with a toaster, if I wanted. My moral compass spins around wherever I want it, and…

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