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Sexy Nurse Measures you During Your Check Up

Sexy nurse can’t help but giggle. Sexy nurse fantasies are so popular, but one guy I know dreaded the time he had to see his doctor and met with a sex nurse…

first time cuckold

First Time Cuckold Part Two: Things Get Interesting

First time cuckold story continues! First time cuckold husband has never felt more helpless.  You watch from the table as another man that your wife just met gropes her with every chance…

Stories about sex

Stories about sex, And the pathetic premature ejaculator.*

Stories about sex, and the pathetic premature ejaculator. Stories about sex, and the pathetic premature ejaculator. His hands wandered all over my body. The passion between us was so hot you could…


Premature Ejaculation Troubles? Call Dr.Crystal

Your wife called me saying that you have a premature ejaculation problem, Mr. Smith. She says you can barely make it a few seconds without blowing your load inside of her pussy,…

cuckold bikini

Cuckold Boyfriend Meets “Mark”

Cuckold?  You?  Naaaah Mark just a friend, baby. I swear.  He’s only coming over to help me pick out a hot outfit for spring break.  Let’s face it.  You have terrible taste…

Training His Dick Not To Cum So Fast

Turning My Premature Ejaculator Into a Marathon Sex Partner Takes Practice… Lots of Practice! When I met Rodger we were both just starting classes in college. He was your average jock. Super…

Want to Have a Longer Lasting Erection?

Ask any sex expert and they will agree that one of the most common things that men are insecure about is not lasting long enough during sex (aka one pump chump).  Men…

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