Tag: pregnant fetish

creamy leaky milk

Creamy Leaky Milk: Coming in More Ways Than One

Creamy leaky milk is my favorite thing about this whole endeavor! Every month of my pregnancy, I got fucked multiple times every day.  When all those boys fucked me, I made sure…

impregnation fetish

Impregnation Fetish is Risky and Hot Like Public Sex*

Impregnation Fetish is Risky Impregnation fetish is something this phone sex girl likes because of the risk factor. Everybody knows I’m all about getting into trouble and taking risks. It just makes…

Dana pregnant

He Wants To Get Me Pregnant

My boyfriend is a really passionate and loving guy, but he does have a fetish. Nothing too wild, but it’s a bit of a dangerous one. He’s got a thing for impregnation.…

sissy girl Pregnant

Sissy Girl Pretending To Be Pregnant ☮

Sissy Girl Pretending To Be Pregnant Although I can be very dominant, I love giving in to my true sissy side every now and then. During my transition I dated a guy…

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