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japanese rope bondage

Shibari: The Erotic Beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage

Submitting to Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage I’m not usually the submissive in a relationship but for the right dom, I’ll do just about anything. When I met Grayson he captivated me right…

Rough Sex Pussy Spanking

Spank My Pussy And Give Me Some Rough Sex.*

 My pussy is so sore and tender today from Rough Sex, I had no idea that Mark knew just how to hurt it while making me soaking wet.  Pain from Rough Sex…

sado-botany stinging nettle play organic SM fantasy phone sex no limits

Camping trip with my new submissive

Sado-botany: the greatest part about “the great outdoors” The new submissive I’ve been seeing lately surprised me during our woodsy adventure last week with a hands-on lesson in sado-botany. Well, a gloves-on lesson…


BDSM submissive gets flogged and whipped.*

BDSM submissive gets punished. BDSM submissive gets flogged and whipped. “Fetch me my flogger you faggot ass bitch, NOW!” Making my submissive man slut crawl to his punishment device. Watching him crawl…

Candle Wax and a Fuck

Nathan thought it was a good idea to be romantic and give me a nice candle lit dinner. It was thoughtful of him and it was a nice surprise but throughout dinner…

submissive anal rough sex kinky

Bend me over, I want ANAL!

I like it fucking rough, and I mean rough! Spread my ass cheeks and ram me hard! I want that tight little hole of mine expanded!! Shove your hard cock and my…

ALL of This and NUN of That!

ALL Of This And NUN Of That! I was barely twenty when first I entered these Hallowed Halls. Partly out of reverence, partly to escape my old life. Growing up in a…

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