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pissing while fucking

What a Golden opportunity

The more I watched them the more turned on I became. Pissiing while fucking was something I never really thought about. I just figured it was a rare occurrence. Then, one day…

dana loves golden showers stories

Golden Showers Stories; Pissing Pleasures

Golden Showers can Be Kinky As Hell Some callers ask if I’ve had any golden showers stories, and I say I’ve tried it. This is kind of one of my crazy sex…


Exhibitionism Phone Sex – XXX Water Sports Fantasy.*

Exhibitionism Phone Sex Fantasy Exhibitionism is something you guys know I’m totally all about. Voyeurism (watching) and exhibitionism (doing) in front of an audience. The only thing that would have made it…

piss fetish

Piss Fetish With My Human Toilet Paper

Piss Fetish With My Human Toilet Paper Uh-oh I’m out of toilet paper again. I guess you’ll just have to do the job. I want you to first watch me lift up…

piss play

Let The Piss Flow! My First Golden Shower

I was in the middle of a hot and heavy fuck session a few months ago with one of my fuck buddies.  I was on top of him riding away when he…

pissing through panties

Pissing for Free Drinks- Golden Shower Phone Sex

Pissing for free drinks and he loved how it tasted. I went out drinking with my friends and got pissing drunk. Literally. I had to take the train all of the way…

pissing sex

Have you ever tried pissing sex? 🐸

Have you ever tried pissing sex? I’ve been fucking this really kinky man for a few months on and off and until tonight.. I wasn’t totally sure what really got him going. I came…

Complete Surrender Dominating

Dominating The Vicious Beast Within Me: Part One*

Dominating The Vicious Beast Within Me: Part One I pride myself on being one naughty dominating bitch and frankly, it takes a very strong man (or woman) to bend my will. As…

Burst My Bladder For a Golden Shower!

Now and again I’ll play with a kink that I usually overlook, mainly because it just doesn’t occur to me and not because I don’t like it.  The golden shower fetish is…

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