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blackmail stories with Gisele

Blackmail ; Blackmailing My Pervy Brother In Law

No Doubt My Brother In Law Hid That Camera  In The Bathroom I was staying at my older sister’s house for a few weeks when my condo was undergoing some renovations. And…

Teasing Sex Offenders

I Love Teasing Pervs!

Messing With Sex Offenders Is My Past Time! I love to mind fuck perverts. It’s one of those talents that just comes naturally to me. You see I love looking for sex…

The Gym Pervert Has An Ass Sniffing Fetish

Sniff My Perfectly Round Sweaty Ass!

The Gym Pervert Has An Ass Sniffing Fetish Every gym has its perverts and mine was no exception. I actually had a game I liked to play with all of them. I…

C.J. And the pervert

The Pervert and The Masturbation Peep Show

I Knew My Neighbor Was A Bit Of A Pervert But.. I always thought my neighbor was a bit of a weirdo, but he was quiet. So I didn’t pay him much…

Ass Sniffing Pervert

Press Your Nose Here.

You Are Nothing But An Ass Sniffing Pervert Have you ever walked behind a sexy girl and just couldn’t take your eyes off of her behind? Ever thought about pressing your nose…

Dana Pool Pervert

Pervert By The Pool

Pervert By The Pool The condo I am in has an outdoor pool, which of course is open this time of year. I love to go swimming nearly nightly. It’s mainly older…

pervert stepdad

That Pervert Is Her Stepdad

Stepdad Is A Pervert! When I was in my teens I’d often stay over at my best friends house, they had a pool and a big house, so I loved to spend…

pervert phone sex

A Pedicure and a Pervert

When I was fourteen, my newly divorced mother started to date a lot of different men.  I didn’t mind because that meant she was out late at night and I was able…

pile of dirty panties

Make Your Dirty Panties Fantasy Come True *

Make Your Dirty Panties Fantasy Come True You know who you are you dirty boy.  Dirty panties are your thing.  You are the guy who can not get the balls to talk…


My Kinky Little Pervert 💋

My Kinky Little Pervert After our opposite schedules and being strangers in passing practically, this weekend I’m undoubtedly making you mine pervert. There’s no need to deny that while sitting at your…


Losers are My Entertainment*

Losers are My Entertainment I’m pretty sure everyone hit up a barbecue or some kind of outdoor function this holiday weekend.  I just so happen to stumble into a sea of fucking…

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