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string of pearls

The String of Pearls Stroker — Part 1

 String of Pearls – What the Hell is in My Shoe? . . . “What the Fuck,” Rachelle yelled.  “This is the second time this week I have found this thick, wet,…

Cum Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace felt good on my throat*

Want a Pearl Necklace from your guy? A Pearl Necklace sounds like a pretty cool gift. I am not the pearl necklace kind of girl…I prefer gifts of booze and drugs from guys…

Titty fuck

Titty Fuck Me Until I Get My Pearl Necklace Daddy!

Titty Fuck Me Until I Get My Pearl Necklace Daddy! Every girl deserves a nice pearl necklace, even if it’s from a hard titty fuck! I love the way the head of…

Tease and Denial Makes This One Tasty Time!

Pearls have always enhanced my true beauty. The way the white strand of balls wraps tightly around my neck will make any man’s cock hard. I love the way I can use…

tits titty fuck

I’ll Let You Fuck My Tits For Dessert!

I’ll Let You Fuck My Tits For Dessert! After casually dating this guy for some months, I’ve come to realize that he loves watching my fondle my tits. He adores how I…

pearl necklace

Earning My Pearl Necklace*

Earning My Pearl Necklace “Get down on your knees and open your mouth wide.  You’re going to earn your pearl necklace tonight.” Like a good girl, I always do what I am…

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