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Sensual love making with Kylie.*

Sensual Lovemaking with Kylie. Sensual lovemaking with Kylie. I was having my boyfriend over for a date night, I cooked him an amazing dinner. I made chicken parmesan with a bottle of red…

Babysitter sex stories

Babysitter sex stories, Daddy came home without mommy!*

Babysitter sex stories, Daddy came home without mommy! Babysitter sex stories, Daddy came home without mommy! When I was 16 I did a lot of babysitting for money. One night I had…

Erotic Literature Love Letters From Your GF Adriana

Passionate Thoughts From The Perfect Girlfriend

Erotic Literature From Your GF! I’ve read erotic literature before and now I know the passion it needs to write it. Those stories inspired me to write this just for you. As I…

Adult Sex Stories About Vanilla Loving

Vanilla Night Does The Body Right

Adult Sex Stories Of All Things Passionate Most of the adult sex stories, or at least the ones I’ve written before, are a bit taboo. I mean, it’s not my fault that…

Daddy Needs Me

Daddy Needs Some Tender Loving Care

Daddy Needs Sweet Adriana For a few weeks now daddy and mommy have been at complete war. They fight so long and I’ve now started to realize it’s not daddy’s fault at…


Escort Trilogy, lady of the night pt 1*

Escort Trilogy, Lady of the night. Escort, True stories of a lady of the night. There is stood on the street corner dressed in my slutty best, 6-inch heels a short mini…

Older Men Do

Older Men Do It Better!

Older Men Do It Better & You Can’t Prove Me Otherwise Older men do it better. You know it, and I know it. Believe me when I say this, I have been…

Incest is wrong but it feels so right

  Incest.. making love with my brother!! Want to hear a story about incest? This is more of a sexy love story about my step brother and I. It all started when I…

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