Party sex

  • bang

    BANG THIS! New and Improved Idea For An Old Saying*

    End the year with a bang. Each year (after barely surviving being jingled, tinseled, ho ho ho’d, etc.) I face the dilemma of choosing which New Year’s Eve party to attend.  Although each invite says “Join us as we end <insert year> with a bang and ring in <insert...
  • Halloween

    Halloween costume party part 2.

    Halloween party part 2. Halloween costume party part 2 the continuing story. Tarzan’s tongue was down my throat caressing my tongue exploring every inch of me as if i had a unique taste and i was his favorite flavor. He pulled away star struck and full of lust the...
  • Pussy

    Pumpkins and Pussy 🐰

    Pumpkins and Pussy My pussy is always so wet and horny! I want to tell you guys all about the fun I had last night! I went to a Halloween party and things got a bit crazy. 😉 It was a pretty normal at first, but after all my...