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  • sex games

    Sex Games: Fucking Him In The Closet, While Everyone Listens

    School life was full of sex games for me. Sex games were a mandatory when it came to any school party, whether it was high school or college. My girls were absolutely crazy! They loved living it up and seeing who could be the sluttiest one. After all, we’re...
  • bang

    BANG THIS! New and Improved Idea For An Old Saying*

    End the year with a bang. Each year (after barely surviving being jingled, tinseled, ho ho ho’d, etc.) I face the dilemma of choosing which New Year’s Eve party to attend.  Although each invite says “Join us as we end <insert year> with a bang and ring in <insert...
  • Halloween

    Halloween costume party part 2.

    Halloween party part 2. Halloween costume party part 2 the continuing story. Tarzan’s tongue was down my throat caressing my tongue exploring every inch of me as if i had a unique taste and i was his favorite flavor. He pulled away star struck and full of lust the...
  • Pussy

    Pumpkins and Pussy 🐰

    Pumpkins and Pussy My pussy is always so wet and horny! I want to tell you guys all about the fun I had last night! I went to a Halloween party and things got a bit crazy. 😉 It was a pretty normal at first, but after all my...