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cock tease

Cock Tease Homewrecker Gets Fucked And Creampied

Party girl, cock tease, I’ve been called plenty of things. A total cock tease. I’ve always said ‘fuck it’ when it came to the potential blowback. Tonight, I teased the wrong guy!…

cheating sex stories

Cheating Sex Stories: Clubbing Rules With Married Men

Cheating Sex Stories: Clubbing Rules With Married Men Cheating sex stories – goshhhh I’ve loved those forever now! Let me explain why. You see, well-behaved women never make history. They also never…

party girl sex

Party Girl Sex: 4th Of July Suck And Fuck *

Party Girl Sex: 4th Of July Suck And Fuck Party girl sex allows me to explore new avenues of debauchery. Last 4th of July I was at  a BBQ at Mark’s house.…

Party with a guy.. Leave him for his friend. ;)

This guy was the definition of “Mr. Steal-yo-girl” – the guy I’d gone to the party with wasn’t exactly a loser. He was cute, he was fun, but he was just..too nice. I have…

your personal dirty skanky whore

I haven’t showered in days. I have been hanging out with dirty musicians, living in vans and partying in motels. I came home from the road and my water is off. So…

Visited my brother and fucked his friend!

It had been a couple years since I’d gone out to see my brother Phil, so I decided to take a random weekend trip. I didn’t even tell him I was coming…

party girl humiliation

Party Girl Gets Public Humiliation*

harty Girl Gets Public Humiliation I got drunk at a party and now all I can do is hope that I don’t end up as a viral video. I’m not quite sure…

Party whore

Party Whore At Phone Sex Kingdom

I have always loved to party! I’m an official PARTY WHORE! Sometimes, I spend a lot of money and I spend it rather quick.  Which sucks for me.  I mean, I love…

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