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Edging sex games

Edging sex games: Making my brother beg is so fun

Sister plays edging sex games with brother You know how good it feels to be wanted but do you know what’s better? To know your wanted and not give in. The more…

kinky femdom punishment

Kinky Femdom Punishment Is Exactly What You Deserve!*

Your kinky femdom punishment awaits… Did you think you could avoid your kinky femdom punishment, slut? Shame on you! Why do you think I keep you around? To watch you prance around…

sex games

Sex Games: Orgasm Denial Is Such A Fun And Sexy Game For Me

Sex Games: You must practice self-control when you play with a woman like me. Sex Games: I can’t stop laughing at the thoughts of you cumming. Baby this is orgasm denial, not release.…

Sex Offender Registry


SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY. OKAY, SO, I’M ON IT! I admit it. I’m on the National Sex Offender Registry. I suppose my attraction to the opposite sex began in my teens, where I discovered…

cheating sex stories

Cheating sex stories of a neglected, horny BBW slut*

Cheating sex stories of a neglected girlfriend Cheating sex stories aren’t usually my thing, however, this was too good a phone sex call to pass up writing about. My boyfriend was totally…


EROTIC LONGING ~ RETURNS! Erotic longing returns.  It never goes away. It’s like a black hole in the center of my being. No matter how busy I am, it ‘s always there,…

Begged to Cum

Begged & Pleaded to Cum! Best Orgasm of my Life!*

Begged and Pleaded to Cum, to Climax! When I Did it Was the Best Orgasm of my Life! Begged, oh yes, London begged and it was one of the hottest things I’ve…

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