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Cock Sucking Story

Cock Sucking Story as Told by the Goddess of SEX

The Goddess of Sex Tells a Cock Sucking Story After a recent post-coital pleasure haze from cock sucking, I got an idea in my head. that got me thinking about how I…

Big Cock XXX

Big Cock XXX Never Have I Ever Been More Satisfied*

I see you walk in, it’s my Friday night bar. It’s smokey and playing 90’s music. I’m immediately attracted to you. Watching you from across the room. I see you notice. You…

Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife Fun Turns Into a HOT Threesome*

Turning London into a cheating wife was NOT what we had planned when I finally made it out for a visit. London and I decided it was time that we spent some…

tongue fucking

My Tongue Fucking Doctor

My Tongue Fucking Doctor It’s my yearly, I’m a good girl and like to stay on track. I even purposely wore a dress and a tiny pair of panties just to make…


HOT Highway Foreplay was just what I needed!*

HOT Highway Foreplay! The highway is the best spot for some fucking hot foreplay! It was nice out, the sun was shining, and the wind was blowing! I knew that I wanted…

Worship My Body

Most men who know me intimately know that I have an insatiable sex drive.  I love fucking.  I think about sex all day long.  What I really enjoy is to have my…


I Love Those Teeny Weensy Pee Pees, SPH All Day!*

I Love Those Teeny Weensy Pee Pees, SPH All Day! Bring on those tiny mousy peckers, Veronica loves SPH!! Heheheh I just love those baby cocks….why? Because they’re so fucking cute! I…

Blowjob? How About A DOUBLE Blowjob?

What guy DOESN’T love the feel of a soft, velvety mouth enveloping his hard, throbbing dick? None that I know of! But; if you’re going to have it, why not have it…

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