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coworker foot fetish

CoWorker Foot Fetish Takes Over The Office Bathroom

A coworker foot fetish invasion! Coworker foot fetish problems are not something I’d ever thought I’d have! When I was fresh out of college, I’d never thought much about people with foot…

Lingerie & Seducing Boss

Fucking My Old Boss.

I should have fucked him sooner, honestly. Hindsight is 20/20! I always kept my distance as I was working with him, because he was married, because he was my boss… because, because, because! I…

Late night at the office ;)

So as some of you guys may not know.. I do a lot of graphic design. I’m a freelancer. and that means I end up spending a lot of time in offices…


Jerking your cock in the office? Gross!

Jerking your cock in the office? Gross! I was ready to go home and get some sleep. It had been a long day in the office and it was now 9pm. I…

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