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Sex Crazed Manitou


The Sex Crazed Manitou And The Whore From Town. Talk about a sex crazed manitou! Ancient Comanche belief holds that all things great and small, have a manitou, a spirit, so-to-speak, which…


The Kiss Why is it that some people perform The Kiss, so perfunctorily? And when did the order of the day becum a quick peck on the cheek of the one you…

Nipple Clamps: A Sex Toy To Try Once

A few years ago if someone mentioned nipple clamps to a woman, most of them would run to the other side of the room, screaming in fear. But ever since the Fifty Shades trilogy…

Getting Hot While Keeping Cool

It was a scorching Sunday afternoon, well over 100 degrees in Los Angeles.   I was lying around my back yard, on a blanket under the shade of a tree, dozing off and…

Genie The Best Phone Sex

Mommy Phone Sex & Family Panties 😀

Mommy phone sex What is it about panty boys that I adore? . It’s really difficult for me to pin down only one aspect, because I enjoy playing with panty boys so much. I…

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