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A feature story chosen by The Queen herself.

ass fucking

Ass Fucking Hard*

Ass Fucking Cum on over to Momma Genie’s house and get ready to punish my ass. I want to engage in some hardcore Ass Fucking. You know how I like it, baby.…

Ebony Phone Sex

Ebony Phone Sex with Camille

Experience Ebony Phone Sex Like Never Before   I bet you are looking for the perfect ebony phone sex temptress.   We both know that you need that sexy phone sex girl that…

face sitting , smothering , Mistress

Smothering Phonesex With My Perfect Pussy And Ass

Smothering Phone Sex With My Perfect Pussy And Ass You dream of me smothering you with my gorgeous slits, don’t you? I’m going to sit right on your fucking face and ride…

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phone Sex: Daddy Punishes His Baby Girl

There’s nothing I love more than stepping into the taboo of incest phone sex. There’s so many options when it comes to family play, but my favorite is definitely daddy/daughter fantasies. It’s…

humiliation phone sex

Hardcore humiliation phone sex ahead

Hardcore humiliation phone sex ahead Are you in need of some seriously intense humiliation phone sex? Well you’re in luck because humiliation, especially verbal humiliation is one of my favorite things to…

pegging queen Jenna

Pegging – Be My Strap On Bitch!*

Pegging – Be My Strap On Bitch! I love pegging. I can’t write enough about how much fucking FUN it is to bend a hot guy over and strap on fuck his…

Bisexual Sex

Bisexual Sex Is The Best Sex

Bisexual Sex Is The Best Sex You know what really gets me horny? What makes my pussy so wet that I have to change my panties. That with just a slight touch…

Fucking Coworkers

The Office Slut at the Christmas Party

I was dressed to impress wearing a long, black, floor length evening gown. It had a halter top with a deep V neckline that plummeted well passed my large tits, exposing more…

phone sex fantasy

What’s your phone sex fantasy?

What’s your phone sex fantasy? Leading a sexually fulfilled life isn’t too easy for certain people. For the simple reason that some of us have fantasies which might be considered taboo, not…

strapon with male

Anal Sex- Pegging And Strapon Fun*

Anal Sex- Pegging And Strapon Fun Anal is fucking awesome, being bent over while some guy dominates me. I usually let him have it without any fuss but I wanted Evan to…

phone sex

Phone sex is still popular, here’s why.

Phone sex is still popular, here’s why It’s been said that men respond mostly to visual stimuli, but with my experience I can say with confidence that this statement isn’t completely correct.…

Guided and Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex


Masturbation is not just an alone-time activity anymore. There’s a first time for everything.  You know the saying “Grab the bull by the horns!” Right?  Well grab your cock, it’s time to…

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