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schoolgirl teases nerd

Schoolgirl Teases Nerd With Her Short Skirt And Panties

The classic schoolgirl teases nerd with all she’s got. A schoolgirl teases nerd boys every second that she does so much as merely exist. I swear that’s the whole reason I was…

Gamer guy

Gamer Guy Gets A Blowjob Under the Desk

Sometimes, the gamer guy does get the girl. The gamer guy I’m talking about is currently my friends-with-benefits.. I always knew he played video games, but I always dismissed it and never thought…


Jen’s Private Fuck Fest! 👅

Jen’s Private Fuck Fest! When I woke up I was already prepped and ready fuck. The last thing I remembered was having drinks on his couch. He was the nerdy guy from…

He Teased Me With His Cock.

He sat there just eye fucking me like I was a meal he craves to eat. Sitting there in the library trying to study was becoming very difficult. I would peek over…

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