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teacher sex stories

Nerdy Teacher Sex Stories: The Cock and Ball Experiment

Nerdy Teacher Sex Stories: The Cock and Ball Experiment Teacher sex stories – yes it’s time for another one of my geeky jizzicist lessons! Are you UP for the challenge (UP being…

Naughty Nintendo ✯

Naughty Nintendo I loved to play the old Nintendo games. Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and the GameBoy are just a few of my favorite gaming consoles. When I was younger and my…

Nerd Sex Fantasies

Top 20 Nerd Sex Fantasies*

Top 20 Nerd Sex Fantasies Welcome my fellow nerds to the Top 20 nerd sex fantasy character.  Every real nerd has those 1..2…3…4 characters from a comic, movie or game that drives…


Fuck it Faye – Sexy Cosplay*

Fuck it Faye – Sexy Cosplay I have a mild obsession with anime. I say mild because  my memory is horrible and sometimes I’ll  cross two characters into one to  get the…

The Force is HARD with you Luke!!

Leia jumped from her chair startled by the knock coming from her door.  Turning off the data-pad, she tried to arrange her black silk robe, “who could it be at this hour?” …

Hottie Wearing Glasses Fantasy

I’m Madison and I like to wear my pretty and sophisticated looking black frame glasses during some of my phone sex roleplay calls. Have you ever heard of glasses fetish phone sex?…

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