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Drunk car sex after the punk show, pt. 1

Last night I added another hot, opportunistic fuck to my kinky sex stories “archives.” Kinky sex stories were the last thing on my mind when the power went out in my neighborhood…


He’s a Sweetheart, I Love it When he Calls*

Even the cold heart of a dom (such as myself) can be melted by the kind words of a sweetheart. I always look forward to his calls, we have great conversation. From…


Songs and Sex: Mandatory Music To Set My Mood*

Certain songs actually make me wet. I was around 5 when I first heard Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s The Night” and, although it didn’t make me wet (and I didn’t know he was…

My Sex Mixtape: The Perfect Tune For The Bedroom!

There’s nothing better than getting fucked with a nice tune in the background. Even more when it’s nice and slow fucking and the tune just gets you in that mood. So I…

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