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Femdom Fetish Stories – Mommy Teaches Him A Lesson*

Femdom Fetish Stories – Mommy Teaches Him A Lesson Femdom fetish stories about spanking are some of my favorites!  Hope you enjoy this one. You don’t know, that I know, you have…

Mommy fetish phone sex blair

Mommy knows you were a fucking mistake.*

That’s right. Mommy does know best. And you can’t argue with that. Mommy knew from the moment you came out of her that she should have aborted your ass. You grew up…

Mommy And Son Means Fun

Sometimes when it is a slow day, or on my very rare off days, my mind wanders. I think about my past, my present, and sometimes my future. The other day, after…

Confessions of a Pampered Bitch: Money

Talking about shoes and my mothers next husband left me thinking back her short marriage to him. Upon getting engaged my mother was bought a house, you see moms next husband was…

Milky Tits Make Me Want to Mommy Fuck!

My fuck buddy just had a baby and she’s been breastfeeding. I’ve been visiting her and helping her out with the child as she’s a single mother, but I never realized how…

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