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proud subs

A Fun Challenge for a Girl Like Me Is Breaking Proud Subs!

I love whipping and beating proud subs into submission. There is nothing more satisfying than breaking overly proud subs. Sometimes it takes a little extra to break a stubborn subby bitch. If…

human toilet training with bridgette 1.866.355.8716

Human Toilet Training: My Slave Gets an Extreme Upgrade

My Slave gets an Upgrade and Starts His Human Toilet Training Ah, my dear slave. You’ve been such an enthusiastic slave. You’ve taken to your training quite well to this point, with…

Gisele would love to have a sex slave

Sex Slave; Putting The Brat In Her Place

My favorite brother got this new girlfriend My favorite brother got this new girlfriend a few months ago. She is very pretty and fun, but can be a bit of a brat.…

sex slave stories

Sex Slave Role Models: Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

Gather round your phone receivers, it’s time for more sex slave stories. One of the most (if not the most) compelling sex slave stories I’ve ever heard: the tale of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist. Have…

erotic literature

“The Spanking Game”

Erotic literature for the discerning submissive. Today’s Erotic Literature for the Discerning Submissive is brought to you by the delightful afternoon I spent with one of my long lost pets. I’ll refer…

Domination Phone Sex

Domination Phone Sex As Alyssa’s Caged Pet

Domination Phone Sex As Alyssa’s Caged Pet is an honor. You lucky little pet. Coming from all around, people will watch the Domination Phone Sex show Alyssa will put on. Watching you…

Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation Phone Sex – Strap on Phone Sex Cocksucker

Humiliation Phone Sex with Camille Slowly you enter into my dark cold basement dungeon. Your mindset to serve me, to be at my feet begging me for my attention.  We both know…

Taboo phone sex

Taboo phone sex – Face Down Ass Up Slave!

You clearly saw the picture. I know you read the title. This is not about me being lovey-dovey to you slave. This is about you knowing just where your place is. Face…

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