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menstruation fetish

If You Have A Menstruation Fetish, Period Sex Is Fun!

I have never had a menstruation fetish, but I have met guys who do. A menstruation fetish can get messy so places like the shower or over a towel are perfect, depending…

bloody pussy period kink bloodhound fetish

Bloody Pussy Play Phone Sex

Hungry for a taste of my bloody pussy? It makes me sad when I’m sleeping with a guy who’s afraid of bloody pussy. My favorite lovers have all known the best cure…


Menstrual Revenge Cunt Eating ✯

Menstrual Revenge Cunt Eating When I get pissed, I get really pissed. If someone hurts me and I feel upset or angry, I always take the revenge route to make myself feel…


Get Ready to Earn Your Wings *

Get Ready to Earn Your Wings There is something about “that time of the month” that makes me so fucking horny!  All I want to do is fuck!  Its like I become…

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