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My Top 5 Sex toys!*

My Top 5 Sex toys! Do you know what is better than having sex while on the phone? Having Phone Sex while using toys! I have gathered my Top 5 sex toys…

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Assturbation Addicts Anonymous

Assturbation [ass-ter-bey-shuh n]: the act of self-erotic stimulation of the anus by insertion of an object(s). Personally, I think anal sex wouldn’t be so taboo if more people indulged in the pleasures of assturbation. Have…

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Assturbation : A How To Guide To The Male Gspot*

Assturbation: Masturbation restricted to the ass region. Usually performed by placing dildos, buttplugs, fingers, toothbrushes, or whatever else may be handy into the anal cavity. (urban dictionary) Assturbation is the fine art of…

mutual masturbation

Mutual Masturbation With My New Sex Toy! ✯

Mutual Masturbation With My New Sex Toy! How convenient is it that right down the street from my office, there’s a new adult store?! I have to pass it everyday to get…

Masturbated With His Wife’s Toy!

I was the family nanny, with a huge crush on the father. Something about the older men with just a touch of the silver temples that brings a shiver to my knees.…

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