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Bathtub Masturbating

Masturbating And Self Pleasure In The Bath*

Masturbating. It doesn’t just feel good, it’s necessary! It feels good, it’s safe and it relieves tension. Sometimes the naughtiest things start out so innocent and end up with me Masturbating. All…

Mistress Phone Sex Aileen

Masturbation Addicts Anonymous

Masturbation addicts anonymous Are you a chronic masturbator? Worried you may suffer from Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome? Or maybe you’re already 100% sure, no Web M.D. diagnosis needed? Never fear, perverts . . . I…


Touching yourself a Little too much, huh?*

Touching yourself a Little too much, huh? “Ughhhh, No… I’m Already Late!” There I was, on the side of the highway with a fucking flat and no spare. I grabbed my phone…

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