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bdsm sex story

BDSM SEX Story: My Submissive Turns the Tables on Me

My Inner Submissive Finds Her Master in My Own Personal BDSM Sex Story Normally, in a BDSM sex story of mine, I’m the one to lead, to control, to dictate how things are…


Fetish Freak: A Queen’s Rise To Power, Chapter 1*

My fetish addiction started young. I found a book under my parents’ bed when I was a girl. It wasn’t a standard porno magazine. It was hardcover, elegantly laid out, and featured…


Branding, the Ultimate Achievement for a Slave Girl.*

Branding is the greatest, most exhilarating, thing in the world. Branding is absolutely erotic for a good slave because it means she did well. This is true, especially for a good, hard-working,…



KINGDOM OF FILTHY WET DREAMS! Although, filthy Wet Dreams are pretty common.  Especially when it cums to dominance.  I’ve always dreamt of being dominated and last night I had a particularly vivid…

Sissy boy slave

I Made Him into a Sissy Boy Slave

I Made Him into a Sissy Boy Slave I love sex but I hate to play games. I will put a little sissy boy slave in his place. I love to make…


THE LEGEND OF…DEADWOOD’S DICK Nat Love (pronounced Nate), is my lover. Fitting I think, No? He is the legendary BBC on the plantation here in Los Angeles, California.  The year is 1876…

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