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married cock

Online Hook Ups. Love Me Some Married Cock

Married cock isn’t what I thought I would find on this new dating app I downloaded. I figured it would be a good start for a busy girl like myself. Fishing through…

ass play

Ass Play With a Married Man

I’ve been seeing this man for awhile now. He’s not just any man though, he’s a married man. Judge all you want, the sex is fucking amazing. I do everything for him…

I Couldn’t Wait To Fuck Her Husband

Now that the nice weather is here, my neighborhood had it’s annual kick off of spring block party. It’s usually a nice event, barbeques, a live band, a few dozen families. One…

This Older, Married Cock Is All Mine!

I was invited to my dad’s for a dinner party he was having and was surprised to see some friends of his I hadn’t seen in a long time. This couple had…

Cheat with ME – Hot Dirty Sam won’t Tell

I saw you staring at me at the coffee shop. I was sitting in the corner reading The Village Voice, smoking and drinking my coffee. I could tell you were married and…

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