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impregnation fantasy

Impregnation Fantasy: Fill me and Cum Knock Me Up!*

Do you have an impregnation fantasy?  I hope so, I have an impregnation fantasy where you fill me with all your baby-making batter. I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, ever since…

Impregnation sex stories

Impregnation sex stories, Lets get me knocked up!*

Impregnation sex stories, Let’s get me knocked up! Impregnation sex stories, Let’s get me knocked up! I have always had this fantasy that when I finally do get pregnant it will be…

Erotic Literature Love Letters From Your GF Adriana

Passionate Thoughts From The Perfect Girlfriend

Erotic Literature From Your GF! I’ve read erotic literature before and now I know the passion it needs to write it. Those stories inspired me to write this just for you. As I…

Daddy Needs Me

Daddy Needs Some Tender Loving Care

Daddy Needs Sweet Adriana For a few weeks now daddy and mommy have been at complete war. They fight so long and I’ve now started to realize it’s not daddy’s fault at…

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