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tiny cock

Your tiny cock is one hell of a Hallo-WEENIE*

Your tiny cock really is one for the books… I cannot believe that something like this exists! I mean, what do you do with that fucking thing? You might as well have…

Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation for a Pathetic Loser *

Guided Masturbation for Cock Challenged Come on little loser, do you need some guided masturbation to help you get off?  Its not like anyone else is going to play with your tiny…

Pig In A Blanket- Small Dick Humiliation

Teeny Weeny Pig In A Blanket- Small dick humiliation is like second nature to me. So when my friend Jessica thought of throwing a sex toy party, my little wet pussy tingled…

I Humiliated Him for Having a Small Dick!

My friend Alicia and her husband Tony had a dinner party last night. It was a great evening until I tripped on my way out the door and realized I wasn’t driving…

Phone Sex with a Size Queen

You’ve always had that creeping doubt in your mind…that you just don’t measure up. Guess what?  You’re RIGHT! *hahaha* Hot bitches like me don’t fuck men with teeny tiny peckers.  In fact,…

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