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lifestyle servitude

Living the Dream With a Lifestyle Servitude Girl!

Who doesn’t want a hot lifestyle servitude girl to train and use? I have wanted some form of lifestyle servitude my whole life. Any sort of ideation of lifestyle servitude was heavily…

Mommy Daughter Dirty Lesbian Yoga Exercises

Mommy spots daughter and teaches her how to stretch. Mommy daughter yoga day started off so innocently.  Since Katy and her mom were stuck inside anyway, it made sense to group their…

fucking strippers

I learned that I have a taste for fucking strippers!

I ended up fucking strippers at my older brother’s bachelor party! The first strip club that I ever went to, and I end up fucking strippers in the changing room. It was…

Mud Wrestling With Some Bitch at This Party

Mud wrestling solves most problems. Mud wrestling isn’t how things started, but most definitely is where things finished.  I’m no stranger to parties.  Will there be alcohol, 20+ people, and at least…

risky public masturbation

Late night special at the Kitty Kitchen for the cougar

A late-night special at the Kitty Kitchen for the cougar is going to knock your socks off. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…or should I say the late-night special. I…

mother daughter lesbian

Mother Daughter Lesbian Play: The Affair Nextdoor

A mother daughter lesbian play time. Mother daughter lesbian stories always seem so difficult to start up organically. There’s a million porn videos and sex stories about it, but it’s so hard…

Hot lesbian girls now

Hot lesbian girls kissing in the pool – Part 1

Hot lesbian girls – that’s what we were that night. I couldn’t believe that 5 years later I found myself staring at you from across a cafe. You hadn’t seen me because…

hot revenge sex

I Love Me Some Quality, Hot Revenge Sex!

Everyone should have some hot revenge sex at least once in their life! Having hot revenge sex is like doing drugs. It is naughty, dark, and incredibly exhilarating. I love (and totally get off…

Teen Lesbian Cheerleader and Coach

Teen Lesbian Cheerleader Trained by Sexy Coach

Teen lesbian cheerleader isn’t exactly something my mom would approve of, but last summer I became exactly that. Like your average e-girl, very few things could take me away from my video…

Bi Mistress

My Cheer Coach, My Bi Mistress: Lesbian Adventures..

My cheerleading coach was my bi Mistress as well. A Bi Mistress was never something I thought I would have. Hell, I didn’t think I’d ever have a Master or anything BDSM-related,…

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