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Has Your Kinky Sex Life Hit Rock Bottom During COVID?

Realistically having a Kinky Sex Life over the past year has drastically changed for many of us. The easy-going life we once knew is completely over. Staying safe has changed our sex…

hot cum control

Hot cum Control Is Going to Keep You Up All Night

How hard is it to have some hot cum control? I know you are so used to getting your way, and doing what you like. But you are under my complete misery.…

Safer Sex

Safer Sex And Masturbating With My Sexy Neighbor*

Safer Sex can be erotic. I have Safer Sex when I’m having phone sex or when I’m masturbating and when I masturbate I’m not always alone.  It’s so embarrassing running into someone…

Safer Sex


For Safer Sex try making a homemade sex toy that will rock your cock. It’s the next best thing to the real thing. Masturbating alone doesn’t need to be ho-hum anymore. Creating…

cornstarch pocket pussy

Cornstarch Pocket Pussy: GO FUCK YOURSELF!*

Have you ever tried making a cornstarch pocket pussy? Or are you asking yourself, “What the fuck is The Queen talking about?” I know I know, it sounds crazy… and messy… and weird. But…

homemade pocket pussy

Homemade Pocket Pussy – DIY Fleshlight 😉*

How to make a homemade Pocket Pussy – DIY Fleshlight You could have everything you need to make a homemade pocket pussy right at home. Women have always been able to just go…

Pocket pussy

Pocket pussy fun with daddy.*

Pocket pussy fun with my daddy!! Pocket pussy fun with my daddy, what an unexpected treat. I was looking through my parent’s master dressers to see if I could find some shirts…

Pocket Pussy

The Pocket Pussy – Next Best Thing To The REAL Thing

The Pocket Pussy Is A Man’s New Best Friend! When all else fails – resort to the Pocket Pussy fleshlight. It’s the next best thing to the real thing. It’s amazing what men…

fleshlight dildo

My BF Loves His Fleshlight And Dildo*

My BF Loves His Fleshlight And Dildo I really need to keep track of my boyfriend better. I thought he was putting the laundry away but instead, he was lying in bed…

The Vajankle

The Vajankle*

The Vajankle Calling all Foot Fetish Phone Sex enthusiasts… I introduce you to the Vajankle!  When I first saw this sexy gem pop up in one of my many random foot fetish…


Fleshlight Fun*

 A Fleshlight can be a great sex toy.  I love watching guys jerk off. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s how they all have their own little techniques or the way they…

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