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fantasy phone sex fuck deep sea pussy diving

Deep Sea Pussy Diving

Lately, I’ve been looking for new, exciting, and potentially dangerous places to fuck. So when a marine biologist friend of mine was telling me about his chance to explore the deep seas…

the flash

Fucking The Flash: A nerd fantasy ♕

Fucking The Flash: A nerd fantasy I love fantasy. I especially love nerdy fantasies! So, I want to bring you into my head and tell a story of fucking Barry Allen. Aka…

Eating Cum Out Of Bella’s Pussy

Ever watch porn and think to yourself “that’s nasty but I wanna try it?” or “That’s hot, I wanna try it?” Well that was me after a long day at my adult…

One of my favorite role play scenes, pt. 3

I watch, grinning, as you unbuckle your shiny new leather belt and unfasten the top clasp of your dress slacks. Your clammy hands have seem to get less shaky and less sweaty the…

Confession and Repentance, Chapter ONE

My formative educational years were spent in a small and very strict Catholic grade school.  St. Julian’s still had it all — uniforms, mandatory weekly mass attendance, regular group prayer — and the nuns…

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