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basement captive

Selection and Care of Your Own Basement Captive

Basement Captive Well, I must admit that the overwhelming response to my last post about managing your own basement captive was quite a surprise! And so many of you had questions. I’m…

Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies

Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies ♕

One thing I believe is that when we think about ageplay is that it does not always have to be nice. I am sure I am not the only one that daydreams…

Extreme Forced Sex

Drunken Night Leads to Extreme Forced Sex in a Back Alley

If I had just listened to my parents, I wouldn’t have experienced extreme forced sex! I never thought I would experience such a horrible extreme forced sex fuck session. My parents told…

hentai rape

Hentai Rape – Being Raped Never Looked So Sexy!*

Hentai is Japanese for a pervert, literally meaning strange desires. Animated pornography that originated as a distinct genre of hentai comics created in Japan is labeled as Hentai. First of all, I…

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