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Fetish Of The Week- Today’s Fetish Is About ANR.*

The fetish ANR (adult nursing relationship) is exactly what it says. Yes, you are nursed off of your girlfriend’s breast. This fetish can also be linked to the adult baby fetish and…

what is phone sex

What Is Phone Sex? A Sexy Explanation!*

What Is Phone Sex? What is phone sex? Well as simple as that question is, the answer is a little bit more complicated. The short answer is that phone sex is sexually explicit…

cuckolding fetish fantasy phone sex blair

Cuckolding: What we really think while you watch*

Cuckolding is practiced by many men, but do you know why we like it? You like cuckolding because you get to watch us be ravaged by a man who is far better…

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Madison

Hello all of you slaves, sissies and cock stroking losers. I’m Mistress Madison and to sum up who I am and what I enjoy it would best be described as Bratty Domme…

Exploration into Impact Play

Firstly if you do not know what Impact Play the definition you will receive when you look it up is this: Impact Play: is a human sexual practice in which one person…

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